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Android / Igrice sa Psima: Moj Ljubimac Mops Lui
« Zadnji post sale89 20 Lipanj, 2018, 09:14:25 »
Igrice sa Psima: Moj Ljubimac Mops Lui je najšarmantniji virtuelni pas na svijetu! Virtuelni ljubimci su dobili novog člana iz kraljevske porodice. Naročito sada dok traje svjetsko prvenstvo, klinci imaju zabavu preko cijelog dana! :D
Osim što je spas za tate i mame, virtuelni pas Lui je nešto najbliže pravom ljubimcu za vaše klince!

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myvirtualpetdog.louiethepuggame&hl=hr

HTC / HTC 8X Problem
« Zadnji post johntimber 09 Lipanj, 2018, 08:54:15 »

I wanted to see if others are experiencing problems with their 8X's dropping calls and requiring a reboot to fix. Last week I purchased the 8X from T-Mobile. For the most part I love the phone. However I've had sporadic issues where I'm talking with someone and I lose the call. I can call the person back but neither they nor I can hear each other. The only way I've been able to solve the problem is to reboot my phone. As you can imagine this is annoying. I have already swapped the phone under their 14 day in store swap so the problem has occurred on two separate phones. I spoke with customer service this morning and they said to swap it out again. Given I have nothing to lose I'm going to swap it for a third phone. However I doubt it's a problem with the individual phone. I suspect it's either a problem with the model or OS. I did some research and I've discovered there appears to be a problem with Windows 8 phones spontaneously rebooting. However that's not the problem I am experiencing. There's speculation an update will be released in the early part of December to address this problem. Maybe the two are related and any update will fix my problem or they'll fix it as part of some other bug fix. Anyway I wanted to see if I'm alone with this issue. Generally speaking I'm pleased with the phone and would like to continue using it. However if it can't hold a call then I'll need to find something else..

Please help

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Thank you

HTC / HTC M8 (or maybe Android Kit Kat) camera question
« Zadnji post johntimber 09 Lipanj, 2018, 08:53:29 »

I've had an HTC M8 for a couple of months or so now, and while overall I like it, there's an issue that's been bugging me. I can't find any option to change the resolution of the camera. I believe the camera app is an HTC exclusive, but it may be based on the general Android Kit Kat app. Googling about hasn't yielded results, so I'm hoping someone else with this phone can help. Every time I take a photo the default seems to be max resolution. The problem with that is that it results in huge (2MB plus) image files that get bounced when I try to e-mail them from the phone through my work e-mail, and which I then have to load into an image editor and manually rescale to to lower resolutions to use them for what I need them for. Is there any way to set the camera to take lower resolution shots by default, or to replace the camera app with another one that will allow this but still otherwise work with all of the features of the phone? Ideally I'd like my shots to be no more than WXGA in resolution and/or 200KB or less in file size.

Please help

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Apple / Apple Pay: DO NOT WANT....
« Zadnji post johntimber 09 Lipanj, 2018, 08:52:01 »

I updated my iPad Air 2 to iOS 11, and I am loving it, with the singular and glaring exception of Apple Pay. I use 1Password to store all my details; I don't want to give Apple or anyone else my credit card details to hold onto and potentially lose control of. NO YUO! says Apple, obnoxiously demanding that I "complete setting up my iPad" every time I unlock it. I do not want to use and will never use Apple Pay. As far as I can see, there is no way to opt out. Is anyone else seeing this, and does anyone have a suggestion for switching off Apple Pay? Am I missing some obvious setting somewhere? It is early days for iOS 11, so Google searches just return lists of iOS 11's new features — including OMG APPLE PAY!!1= Is anyone else feeling my pain, and more to the point, does anyone have a suggestion and how to turn off this "feature"?

Please help

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Thank you

Apple / Apple Watch makes me want to toss it
« Zadnji post johntimber 09 Lipanj, 2018, 08:49:09 »

I've had an Apple Watch since day one and no issues with it until now...I decided to start to get into working out and into achievements late last year. I made a goal to reach my move goal every day of 2017. I've done that everyday so far, but for some reason this past weekend my watch decided to not award me? The only difference about this weekend was that I changed time zones (1 hour time difference btw) we traveled east for a MLB game, stayed the night, and drove home the following day. My move goal is clearly shown in Activity and completes the rings and then some (we walked a LOT). WTF? I've had several days where I had to go way out of my way to meet my goal. I have unpaired my watch and repaired from the backup. Nope. Nothing different. When I got my move goal yesterday I saw the notification "you met your move goal", but nothing for the streak. Longest Move Streak. You earned this award for your longest daily Move streak. 193 days, ending 7/8/17
I'd imagine this will prevent me from getting the July "Perfect Month" award as well (I'm not sure), but I have Jan - June so far and want to keep the streak alive.Any suggestions?

Please help

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HTC / HTC Google Pixel 7.1.1
« Zadnji post johntimber 04 Lipanj, 2018, 16:28:29 »

Today I just received a ticwatch2 onyxI have done all the updates and shennanigins.
Everything sleeveless except notification and getting whatsapp to the watch.
I did a lot of searching to find any solutions and tried following some instructions from your "no notifications" thread, no go
So currently, i am stumped.So google pixel 7.1.1Ticwatch 2 onyx, 4.6.0 Help please?

Please help.

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Android / Igre Spajanja Tri u Nizu
« Zadnji post sale89 31 Svibanj, 2018, 12:11:00 »
Uživajte u preslatkom putovanju dok igrate igrice slagalice – tri u nizu i zaronite u svet prepun slatkiša, kolačića i bombonica! Preslatki 3 u nizu izazovi ove igre spajanja i zabavni nivoi u ovoj spoji tri u nizu igrice slagalice biće savršeni ukoliko volite preslatke igre sa kolacima.

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sweetmatch.match3games

Android / Uskršnja Jaja – Foto Kolaž
« Zadnji post wanderer1479 23 Ožujak, 2018, 12:23:00 »
Bok! Aplikacija Uskršnja Jaja – Foto Kolaž je na tržištu, i zahvaljujući njoj ćete moći napraviti pravo umjetničko djelo od svojih fotografija.
Ako se radujete Uskrsu, vreme je da počnete pripreme za slavlje. Uvijek je lijepo kada slavite praznike sa ljudima do kojih vam je stalo, tako da slikajte se puno sa njima i onda iskoristite ovu odličnu aplikaciju da ih ukrasite na najbolji mogući način. Moći ćete napraviti puno različitih kolaža, i možete također dodati naljepnice i iskazati svoju kreativnost.

Besplatnu aplikaciju Uskršnja Jaja – Foto Kolaž možete preuzeti ovdje: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.awesomecollage.eastereggphotocollage

Android / Uskrs – Žive Pozadine
« Zadnji post wanderer1479 19 Ožujak, 2018, 15:10:01 »
Svatko voli praznike! Oni donose radost, i uvijek se lepo provedemo kada slavimo sa ljudima koje volimo. Ova aplikacija je posvećena Uskrsu, i nudi puno pozadina koje će ukrasiti velike zaslone vaših pametnih telefona. Ako volite prazničnu euforiju, i hoćete nekako da promijenite vaš uređaj, onda biste trebali da pogledate ove prekrasne pozadine. Aplikacija Uskrs – Žive Pozadine također nudi leteće objekte koji će lebditi naokolo, a najbolji dio je da je potpuno besplatna!

Nabavite je ovdje: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantasticlivewallpapers.easterlivewallpapers

Android / Salon Brada – Foto Montaža
« Zadnji post wanderer1479 16 Ožujak, 2018, 10:41:26 »
Ako ste se uvek pitali da li će brada da vam stoji, sada to možete lako testirati. Sa novom aplikacijom Salon Brada – Foto Montaža, moći ćete ekperimentirati sa različitim stilovima brada, i vidjet ćete što vam stoji, a šta ne. Ova aplikacija je pogodna za momke svih godina, i čak ju i djevojke mogu koristiti kako bi se šalile sa nekim. Najbolji dio u vezi sa njom je da je potpuno besplatna!

Slijedite ovaj link da biste nabavili aplikaciju:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.montagesgama.beardsalonphotocamera

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