In January 1, 2014, Zhejiang satellite TV Chinese blue theatre will be launched by Honglei Sun, Weizi, starring Chen Shu to open the great drama "a hero". This is Honglei Sun from the screen 3 years, once all of his impression remains in the writer "Gu Xiaobai" who, after 3 years, he Futang returnees to grow as a hero in his hometown of qingmuchuan. So, what Futang more win support among the people than the Yu Zecheng? Yesterday reporters should show understanding some behind the scenes footage.

Honglei Sun has 3 years not to shoot TV series, "a hero" which is a little touched him? The new culture of thinking produced, macro studio producer Ma Sihong said, first of all is the script is very good, the first five episodes to Honglei Sun after only a week, he was calling, and expressed willingness to cooperate. Ma Sihong, Honglei Sun, very dedicated, every day after work will not go ahead, but with the director in the monitor back to watch the replay. In addition to explore the way of acting, Honglei Sun on the drama, costumes are the very idea. In accordance with the original story, he Futang is an intellectual Aoki Kawahijiitonaga, but Honglei Sun think so this character is not enough, proposed to increase the study abroad background for him. "The impression that Honglei Sun ever gives a person is a tough guy, but he himself is the western style of temperament." Ma Sihong said with a smile. So what Futang transformed, from woodlouse into studying abroad returned architects. After he returned money in Qingmuchuan construction, so the Qingmuchuan from a backward occlusion of the town of the Republic of China era, slowly rising "tall" building. Since it is the returnees, the figures also have exquisite. Honglei Sun a lot of advice on the other, even the shape of Chen Shu he has a lot of ideas. Honglei Sun also specially went to Japan with a lot of the last century twenty or thirty's American western style clothing back. Therefore, the audience saw "a hero", it will be a strong imprint of the works of Honglei Sun.

"A hero" can be selected as the Zhejiang TV show in the opening, of course is not only a "Honglei Sun" three words. The play well made, using a film with fixed focus equipment, and the TV series filming usually zoom equipment, to see what is the difference in the eyes of the audience? The horse Sihong offers an analogy: "like the SLR camera and fool camera out of this photo from the." In addition to equipment to throw money, as spare neither labor nor money. Such as cars, usually filming in Hengdian, everyone is at most the rented car washed clean, makes a point of re paste point interior. But "a hero" crew is specialized for the picture of a car, then find professionals, according to sample renovation. The horse Sihong remember, there is a less important part is a supporting role, two go to the bank to open the safe. Find a few boards take a shelf above, draw a few lines, this is usually the "safe" approach. But "a hero" is devoted to a whole wall made safe, each drawer can be opened. So spare neither labor nor money, "we have the confidence, to play the story exciting, the actor is also wonderful, all done very carefully." Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Yi

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